The First Steps to Developing an Electric Plane

To design and develop an electric plane takes skill, wisdom, intelligence, guts, and all the other things you might think of. It also takes a rock-solid process. We use the Peterman Method™ as our map to approach projects large and small. With a project as big as developing an electric plane, we’d need every bit of the process to come out with a successful product. In walking a client through this process on the path to designing an electric plane, we’d want to start at the very beginning to get the best picture possible.

Legacy & Impact

The first step in our process is what we like to call Legacy & Impact. A major component of this that sets the Peterman Method™ apart from others is that we look at the entire lifecycle of the product at the beginning. We go through an interview process, often before completely engaging with a client. If the things we go over aren’t already in place, then our first step is to create and facilitate the company in having these things in place before the product development really gets going.

The most ideal place to start is in understanding who the client served. Do they serve individuals, airlines, taxi companies, or investors? Who a company serves is important because it helps us understand the goals of the company and therefore the project.

This also tells us if they are a conscious company, or an old-school one aimed at just pure profits and the bottom line. A company can have multiple groups it serves with one product as well, so it’s good to know this up front. We also want to know who the company is, and it’s driving members. Who our client says they are and who others say they are is important.

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